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Karen Busanovich MBA, CFP®


Education Planning

No doubt about it, college is expensive!    As a  college planning specialist, I can help you determine the best ways for your family to not only save for but save on college. 

  • Saving for college:  Many education savings alternatives exist; including 529 Savings Plans, Prepaid Tuition Plans, UGMA/UTMA investment accounts and others.  No one alternative fits all families.  Together, we will develop a savings plan suitable for your family to help you achieve your education goals without jeopardizing your potential for financial aid or your retirement plans.
  • Paying for college:  Despite your best efforts, sometimes your savings are not enough to cover the full cost of college.  In the years leading up to college, we will evaluate your financial aid eligibility, position your family’s assets to maximize financial aid, identify scholarships, and implement strategies to take advantage of all tax credits or deductions.  Once your student is accepted, we will evaluate his or her aid awards, determine if an appeal is warranted, and evaluate the best ways to pay for college.