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Karen Busanovich MBA, CFP®


Retirement Planning

Saving for retirement isn't what it used to be. In the past, Social Security, a pension, and a small savings account were sufficient sources of retirement funds. Today, pensions are less common, Social Security is no longer a sure thing, and your retirement years may span decades.

Achieving a comfortable and secure retirement requires planning. Our planning process includes:

  • Envisioning your retirement
  • Estimating social security and pension benefits
  • Determining how much you will need to live comfortably after retirement.
  • Understanding the impact of inflation and rising health care costs.
  • Setting a savings goal and taking advantage of tax-advantaged accounts
  • Ensuring your retirement investments reflect your time frame and risk tolerance.
  • Monitoring your plan, evaluating the probability that you will be able to achieve your goals, and modifying your plan as necessary.
  • When you reach retirement, we can assist with income planning, structuring you assets, and helping you and your spouse evaluate the best way to coordinate your social security claims to maximize your benefit.